Just a Cape Town girl trying to live a New York life. 


So, I have decided to jump on the blog bandwagon and start my journey to fame and freedom! I’m kidding.


But seriously though, starting a blog and sharing my thoughts with the world has always been something I wanted to do. I’m a dynamic thinker and believe that what I have to say matters. On my blog, I will post about anything and everything. Fashion, work struggles, events I attend and everybody’s favourite topic – food! All of the above are what I find interesting. And I hope you do too. I’m not trying to parade a life majority of us will never attain to, rather I am trying to document a normal, city girl’s journey to success and big things!


Join my world and welcome to MicheOnTheBlog. 😊 🙌


Author: stradamode

An unapologetic introverted extrovert interested in Public Relations, social media, fashion and street culture. Coffee aficionado and shade queen extraordinaire.

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