Blogging 2.0

When it comes to blogging, I feel extremely intimidated. Is this an online diary, a display of all my best pictures or do I try and be funny and unapologetic? WHAT DO I DO?! I know… I am… I will… I can… No, I don’t know, but I present you with… words. And stuff.

Equipped with a fresh outlook and new found confidence, I have decided to embark on this journey again (because I tried and failed the first time. One could call me a sucker for punishment). I’m going to take you on a journey of my life. Street culture, Cape Town by night, my natural hair journey and randomness is what you can expect. I can’t promise nail-biting content, but I can promise honesty and a quirkiness that isn’t measurable by a long shot.

I hope you’re ready, because I’m not sure I am 🙂


Author: stradamode

An unapologetic introverted extrovert interested in Public Relations, social media, fashion and street culture. Coffee aficionado and shade queen extraordinaire.

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