“My jazz, your jazz, our jazz, whose jazz?”

The 18th edition of the Cape Town International Jazz Festival returned this year and as usual we were awarded with free things like workshops and the much anticipated Public Debate.

This year, the debate was entitled, “Whose Jazz is it anyway?” and wow, did it not fail to educate and entertain. The debate which focused on the decolonisation and transformation of music education and more specifically, jazz education at tertiary institutions stirred up a host of emotion within the debate attendees and at one point, we were discussing decolonisation in general.

What really stood out for me at the debate is that everyone who attended and asked questions did so in such an eloquent manner that not one individual felt attacked. It was the first time I experienced a discussion about race, education and learning in such a holistic and respectful manner.  I’m definitely attending the 2018 Public Debate! download


Author: stradamode

An unapologetic introverted extrovert interested in Public Relations, social media, fashion and street culture. Coffee aficionado and shade queen extraordinaire.

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