Syd, Michael and the gang came all the way to Cape Town for the Cape Town International Jazz Festival and die hard indie hip hop/neo-soul RnB fans lost. their. minds. Myself included!

Imagine my excitement when I found out that I get to see and interact with them, live! In real time! No computer screen between us! Guys, I could not deal.

The band, famous for hits like “Special Affair” and “Dontcha” recently released their second album, Ego Death and I’ve died 1000 times listening to it (well not literally because here I am, writing this post LOL).

The way I am still fan girling. Thank you Jazz Fest, meeting my faves was kumnandi!


Here, you can see The Internet live at the CTIJFTnD master classes… and also be jealous about how close I was to them wow!